Hi! I’m Lauren – creator of tiny spells and maker of magical moments. I live in a small town in southern New Jersey with my husband Shea and am obsessed with candles, coziness, and anything spooky. I’m also the founder of crescent & crow, an online boutique full of handcrafted (by me!) items designed to make your everyday moments special.

Welcome to Minimal Alchemy – a space for me to share the ways I find and create a little bit of magic in my everyday life, with the intention that you will share how you find and create your everyday magic with me. Please be mindful – this is a space for FUN. We don’t judge others and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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Talk to you soon, and remember…

Have fun. Do what you love. Find your magic.✨


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P.S. This blog is just for fun. Any products that I share here are only my personal preferences. I am not sponsored by anyone. (With the exception being anything by crescent & crow, which are my own products.)