4 Easy Cocktails to Celebrate National Cocktail Day

Did you know today is National Cocktail Day? It is! And since we’ll be celebrating at home tonight, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite quick and easy cocktails that don’t require a lot of ingredients or a trip to the store because – quarantine.

  1. Gin & “Tonic” – Why “tonic” you ask? Because who keeps tonic water laying around? Also, it has a lot of sugar in it – and who needs extra sugar?ADK_0660
  2. Cream Soda – This one is an old favorite.ADK_0661
  3. Cherry Coke – A twist on the classic rum & coke.ADK_0664
  4. Creamsicle – Because, yum.ADK_0663

Now, go take inventory to see if you have any of the ingredients to make one of these cocktails and I’ll meet you at the virtual bar!


xoxo, Lauren.png minimal alchemy sig. w: stars


plan it

plan it





plan it

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