4 Easy Cocktails to Celebrate National Cocktail Day

Did you know today is National Cocktail Day? It is! And since we’ll be celebrating at home tonight, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite quick and easy cocktails that don’t require a lot of ingredients or a trip to the store because – quarantine.

  1. Gin & “Tonic” – Why “tonic” you ask? Because who keeps tonic water laying around? Also, it has a lot of sugar in it – and who needs extra sugar?ADK_0660
  2. Cream Soda – This one is an old favorite.ADK_0661
  3. Cherry Coke – A twist on the classic rum & coke.ADK_0664
  4. Creamsicle – Because, yum.ADK_0663

Now, go take inventory to see if you have any of the ingredients to make one of these cocktails and I’ll meet you at the virtual bar!


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plan it

plan it





plan it

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