Five Things: 5 Easy Halloween Costumes

Need a last minute costume and don’t have the time to run around looking for one? Well, you’re in luck! Today I am sharing five of my quickest, easiest, and cheapest Halloween costume ideas.

  1. Witch: I shared this one in this post the other day. I just used a black dress and some jewelry I already had at home. I did buy a new hat – my old one was looking pretty ratty. For the makeup I used a deep purple and a medium pinkish shade on my eyes, black eyeliner, black mascara, my usual neutral blush, and a fuchsia lipstick. Pretty much how I do my makeup everyday, just a little more dramatic.
  2. Vampire: Dracula is my all time favorite Halloween character. He has been since I was little. The first time I saw Christopher Lee in Horror of Dracula I was in love (haha). For my easy vampire costume I used a black dress and a black and silver cardigan worn backward so the neckline would be higher (you’ll use less makeup if you don’t have to worry about your neck and chest). For the makeup, everything in the picture is all I used. A pearly highlighter all over to make my skin pale, a sparkly black eyeshadow on my eyes and in the hollows of my cheeks, black eyeliner used as both an eyeliner and as a lipstick. I also put a deep red lipstick over the black liner on my lips (for moisture as well as giving depth to the color) and added little blood drops for effect. Pretty easy and cheap – I didn’t have to buy a thing for this costume.
  3. Fortune Teller: Another look that cost nothing. I used a rusty orange dress, tan shawl, paisley scarf, and some costume jewelry I had laying around from years ago. For the makeup I used a deep brown and a gold eyeshadow, black mascara, a nude lipstick with a clear gloss over top, and a neutral blush.
  4. Cat: There is nothing cuter (or easier) than a cat costume. I used a black high neck dress and a rhinestone necklace as the collar. The ears are from when I was a cat quite a few years ago – never get rid of costume parts, props, or old jewelry 🙂 If you don’t have cat ears lying around, you can pick them up pretty cheap at the party store. For the makeup I used black liquid eyeliner and mascara on my eyes, I also used the eyeliner for the nose and whiskers, and added a pop of color with bright pink lipstick.

Ghost: What’s Halloween without a ghost? I used an old white sheet wrapped around as a dress and a sheer curtain panel for over my head, it’s easier to see out of and way more comfortable than the original sheet ghost costume. I already had both in my closet (I swear I’m not a hoarder – I use them for photos for my business). if you don’t have anything like that lying around, just wear a white or grey outfit and go to the fabric store and get a yard or two of cheap sheer fabric. To get a ghostly look I again used the pearl highlighter all over my face and grey eyeshadow around my eyes, in the hollows of my cheeks, and on my lips. (To get it to stick as lipstick just put lip balm on first.)

I know I have a lot of makeup to choose from, but if you don’t there are quite a few inexpensive cosmetic brands out there that you can purchase. I would do that before I bought cheap Halloween makeup. It never stays on and honestly it can cost more than some makeup out there – just hit up your local drugstore.

I had so much fun doing this post! I hope you enjoyed it as well.

Happy haunting!!

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