Thursday Thoughts: Luxury

ACS_1153What is luxury?

For me, luxury is more of an experience than it is material. It is an indulgent feast for all of your senses.

Anything can be luxurious – from enjoying a quiet night in with your favorite candle burning, to preparing and enjoying a delicious dinner. Luxury is something that feels indulgent and special.

I have come to realize that one thing I demand in my life is that experience of luxury. It’s something I need in order to feel myself, and it’s something I won’t deny myself.

I won’t compromise on the experiences of my senses. If something doesn’t spark that luxurious and indulgent feeling in me, I move on.

I take the time to appreciate everything I see, feel, hear, taste, and smell.

I enjoy the feeling of wrapping myself in a soft, fluffy blanket, creating and wearing deep, rich aromatic perfume oils, and decorating my home with beautiful objects to admire every day. That is my luxury.

Luxury doesn’t have to cost a fortune – it just has to make you feel like a million bucks.

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