Five Things: Beauty Tips

Monday is the first day of Autumn – the moment I have been waiting for since the last week of August, ha! One way I have been transitioning is with my makeup routine.

During the summer months I tend to wear less. I usually do a light wash of bronzer on my face and eyes, add a little blush, some mascara, and lipgloss. That’s it. Sounds like a lot but, for me, that is minimal.

I love putting on makeup everyday, even on the days when I don’t leave the house. I do it for no reason other than I like to do it. It’s just who I am. I feel it completes an outfit, just like adding accessories.


Now that I’m back in full makeup mode, I thought it would be fun to offer up some of the best tips I have when it comes to applying makeup.

  1. Always curl your lashes. It really does make a difference. Even if you don’t wear mascara, curl them. Try this eyelash curler. I’ve had a similar one for years.
  2. Take care of your brushes! This is a big one. Not only will it keep bacteria away (yuck), it will make them last longer and your makeup will go on nice and smooth. Just dilute a gentle baby shampoo in water, swirl your brush in the palm of your hand to lather, rinse really well, and let them air dry. Be sure not to make them get out of shape. I like to lay them on the edge of the sink to dry so the bristles aren’t getting smashed against the counter. Once a week is ideal but a little unrealistic for most people to remember. Twice a month is more manageable but still a stretch. If you can only do it once a month it’s better than nothing.  Just set a reminder on your phone, you’ll get into the habit pretty quick.
  3. Tame your brows with soap. Use a spooley brush for this and rub it on a dry bar of soap. I keep a designated one in my makeup case. Brush your brows, fill in with shadow or pencil (if that’s your thing), and brush again. The waxiness of the soap will help keep them in place without looking matted down. It actually makes them look a little fuller. If you, like me, use shadow to fill in your brows – this brush is perfect. It takes care of both filling in and shaping.
  4. Always put foundation and powder on in downward strokes. We all have little hairs on our faces that are invisible to the naked eye, but when you apply makeup in an upward motion you are pushing up those little hairs. Add makeup on top and they become even more visible. For a nice smooth look remember, downward strokes. I use this brush to put on my foundation. It creates a more airy effect. If you use a blender brush too, once you finish blending in your foundation just remember to blend down to your jawline. Otherwise, just apply with your sponge in a downward motion 🙂
  5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I can’t stress this enough. If your skin is dry your makeup will just sit on top. If it’s nice and moisturized, your foundation and powder will melt right into your skin. Here’s a bonus tip: If you put too much powder on and look “powdery”, just spritz your face with a little water. It will moisten the powder, helping to smooth it. You can also use a beautifully scented hydrosol for this. My favorite is this one.

Well that was fun! I could talk makeup for hours and hours.

Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!!Blog SIgnature - c & c


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