Diffuser Blend: Fall Focus – Plus 4 Helpful Items To Gain More Storage


I don’t know about you, but this time of year always makes me want to organize every inch of my house. Maybe it’s my brain preparing me for winter hibernation. Like it’s telling me it’s time to get my nest all cozy and organized for a long winter’s nap, haha.

So if you, like me, are in the mood to do a deep cleaning and organizing session at home, then do I have a diffuser blend for you! It will give you the energy and focus you need to tackle such a task, as well as making the air fresh and clean.

The lineup…

  • RosemaryEncourages clarity, will help relieve mental exhaustion, and will help bring the focus that you need to stay on track and get stuff done.
  • PeppermintHelpful to counteract both physical and mental fatigue. You don’t want to tire out too quick.
  • GrapefruitThis will provide the happy energy you need! Grapefruit is uplifting, which is key to not getting frustrated and giving up too soon.

The Recipe…


This blend is perfect to diffuse when you start to feel like you’re crashing. It will perk you right up. Making a pot of coffee helps too😉

You know what else helps? Really cute stuff to help get organized! Here are a few things I  have in my home. Bonus, they’re all from Target!

  • For the office: I love this storage shelf. I chose the fabric cubes for it and they are perfect to hold printer and photo paper and whatever else you may want to hide. Plus my printer fits right on top. Here’s a tip – if the fabric cubes are a little dull for you, check out the kids department! That’s what I did. I have these but with a grey dot instead of gold, which I’m guessing is discontinued now.
  • For the laundry room: My laundry room is small. It also doubles as a storage space. This cart is perfect to hold laundry detergent with enough room for other things like a watering can and other cleaning products.
  • For the kitchen: Again, my house is small so there isn’t much counter space in the kitchen. I keep my large pastry board (everyone has them right? Ha!) on top of my stove for an extra surface to put things. Like my ten ton enamel pot and a basket for snacks. This gives me more cabinet space and a place to keep that giant pastry board that doesn’t fit anywhere. I can’t link my snack basket because I bought it on clearance, because I am queen of the Target clearance sections, but try one like this.
  • For the living room: A small house equals not much storage space AND a small living room. So, we opted for two storage ottomans in place of a coffee table. They act as foot rests, a place for storing small items, and a coffee table for decor purposes. We have them in black faux leather which is holding up surprisingly well. We’ve had them for years! Unfortunately only the bench comes in that option now.

I guess by now you’re wondering… “How small is your house anyway?” It really isn’t THAT small according to tiny house standards – but it’s small enough. It is 900 square feet, about 110 years old (hence the no storage), and is narrow (a little under 14 feet at the widest part).

Hope you enjoyed reading! Happy organizing!!

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