Live Your Magic

ACS_1106Last year when I decided to start this blog, I had an idea of why I wanted to start it but wasn’t sure about the topic. I just knew I wanted it to be fun. But, I love a lot of different things – would it be confusing if I shared them all? If I pick just one topic, what would I share about? Would it be essential oils and aromatherapy? Would it be fashion and beauty? Would it be food and living? These are all things that I love, I just didn’t see how they could all come together seamlessly.

Then it hit me, all of these things are what make my life happy. And when life is good, everything feels effortless and worry free – it all just flows. That’s where I came up with the name and tagline, Minimal Alchemy – The magic of living and effortless life.

But, lately I’ve had a nagging feeling like something was wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Something just felt off.

Today, it finally hit me – I started this blog to share with you how I live my most magical life, in hopes of providing a little inspiration and bringing a little fun into yours. Yet I have been running this blog like a business, which it definitely is not. I feel it is a little bit impersonal as I have yet to share the real me. The me that my husband and family know so well. The me I have been known to hide at work or around people I’m not familiar with.

I had to ask myself why I let this impersonal feeling take over my blog when I initially set out for this to be a place of sharing all of the things that I love, with all of you. And to encourage you to do the same.

The answer? I’m not use to doing it. I have always been a little on the sensitive side and I guess I learned early on that it was a safe way to not get my feelings hurt. I would never know if someone thought I was weird because I have a plastic flamingo in my house that has different outfits for different occasions (this is in fact true. His name is Floyd and you will get to know him soon) because I would never share this part of me with just anyone.

Why was I so afraid of what people thought? On the surface it could seem weird to have this plastic flamingo, but to me he is special. I am allergic to everything under the sun and always want a pet. He is my allergy free pet made of bright pink plastic. I thought he was funny when I saw him in a catalog and happened to mention it to my sister Lea. Knowing me so well, she sent him to me for my birthday that year. I love him for being a reminder of how much she knows me and how she accepts my silliness. That makes me happy. He is magical.

But why? Why would I hide this side of myself? This is what makes me, me. This is my magic. I love to laugh, have fun, and be silly. I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. I love fashion and beauty. I love to take care of people, to make them feel comfortable and make them feel special. I love to make people laugh when they are having a rough day, listen when they need to be heard, and give advice when they need it.

I create magic everyday when I am myself. When I’m being silly. When I’m getting dressed in the morning, putting on my favorite outfit. When I’m thinking up a special theme night to share with Shea, complete with food, music, and movies. When I smile at a stranger in the supermarket because I just like being nice to people (and, who knows, they may have really needed that smile).

I create magic everyday when I do, and share, everything that makes me who I am. Not just for myself but for everyone I encounter. Why would I hide that?

We’re all special. We all have magic. Never hide it from anyone.

Minimal Alchemy is about living your magic the simplest way possible – by being you. It’s about what YOU like and how you want to be, not what everyone else likes or what everyone else thinks you should be. It’s about filling your life with the things and people who let you be yourself. It’s about the things that make you, you. The things that make you unique. The things that make you special. The things that just come natural to you. That’s your magic.

So, what’s yours?

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