Five Things: Late Summer

I LOVE FALL! Sorry to yell, but I really do. It wasn’t always this way, I used to be a summer girl, but gradually I changed. Unfortunately I am forbidden to speak about pumpkins, sweaters, and candy corn until it is actually fall. I’m being dramatic, it’s not that bad. My premature fall talk is usually met with eye rolls though.

So what do you do when you’re ready to live your best fall life but have to hide it for a few more weeks? You sneak it in, of course!

Here are five sneaky ways to enjoy the fall season, before the first day of Fall. Take that Fall shamers!

  1. I love jumpsuits. I’m so glad they’re having a moment right now. I just picked this one up at Target. It has a cropped length and short sleeves to keep the summer lovers happy, but it only comes in two colors that scream fall – a deep brownish red or a mustard yellow. I have the brownish one and I’ve been wearing it with mustard colored sandals. A double dose of fall in disguise. I felt like a rebel wearing it last weekend, it was still August – ha!ACS_1104
  2. I pick up fresh flowers for my home every week. Right now I have been sneaking in deeper tones with a pop of bright. Think pale orange mixed with deep purple and bright yellow accents. He he he…ACS_1102
  3. It’s time to break out your deeper nail polish colors. A few of my favorites are this deep shimmery one, this olive green, and this rusty toned red.ACS_1100
  4. I like to decorate for every season. But on the first of September the flamingos and pineapples slowly start disappearing. There is a method – a few pieces a day, until one by one they are gone. I do it this way because I don’t want to bring too much attention to their disappearance. Once they are gone I slowly put some fall-esque decor in their place. Nothing too crazy – there are rules. It must subtle. No pumpkins ever, no acorns, just add some earth tones mixed with lots of white, lots of cozy lighting, and warmer scented candles that have a hint of spice. Just a hint! If you go full on pumpkin pie your cover will be blown!
  5. Food is another way I push the season. Try this rich pasta dish loaded with mushrooms. Pair it with a glass of bordeaux, you won’t be sorry. It’s so yummy, I can’t wait to make again! Try this cake recipe for dessert. And, if you’re looking for more recipes, check out my Pinterest food board.

So there you have it. My sneaky little fall rushing tips. Now I’m going to go enjoy a cup of pumpkin spice chai tea. It’s ok, no one is home – it will be our secret.

Happy Friday!!

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