Subtle Aromatherapy: Healing From The Outside In

EA5BF565-7443-48FB-9B67-93A450B44DCAWe’re all familiar with the term ‘mind, body, spirit’. But, how often do you think about what that really means?

When we say something helps support or heal us – mind, body, and spirit – we mean we are supporting our body as a whole. We know that the mind is our emotions and the body is our physical body, but what about the spirit?

I believe it is our psyche and our life force. It is part of our subtle energetic body. The outer layers of the body, beyond the physical, that contain our natural energy flow. This energy flow is made of vibrating energy that flows from the subtle body to our physical body, down to a cellular level. Every living thing has an energetic field that surrounds it. Even plants.

So what is subtle aromatherapy and why do we need it?

When there is an imbalance in our flow of energy, it can create blocks.

But what could cause this imbalance?

Whenever we get physically sick, stressed, or hold negative emotions; it creates a shift in our energy field and may even weaken it. If we only address the physical issue and not the energetic imbalance, it could create a blockage in our energetic field. Eventually our physical body would lose some of this vital energy, possibly creating more illness and emotional issues.

Subtle aromatherapy supports this natural energy flow by choosing the essential oil for its energetic, or vibrational, qualities rather than the traditional therapeutic qualities.

How to choose an oil for its energetic qualities.

A few things to consider…

  • Plant part used
  • Physical aspects of the plant – color, shape, climate
  • Intuition – I feel that once you work with the oils, over time, you’ll just know what oil will be helpful. Always trust your instincts!
  • Therapeutic function – I know, I know… I said we were choosing based off of energetics. But, sometimes we can get a feel for the energy of an essential oil based off of the therapeutic properties it has.

I feel that the easiest way to begin to understand the energetics of essential oils is by studying the plant parts that they are distilled from.

Here is an example of how to choose an oil for its energetic properties based off of plant part. I will use Juniper Berry, since it is our oil of the month.

Juniper Berry essential oil is extracted from the berries of the common juniper shrub. So, the plant part used is the fruit. (I know it seems weird since it is in the evergreen family, but it is the berry used to make the oil – not the needles.)

Now, think about fruit. What comes to mind? I think of fruit as fresh, refreshing, and full of nutrients. Go one step further and what does a fruit do? It protects the seeds inside. So fruits could be considered refreshing, nourishing, and protective.

Energetically,  Juniper Berry essential oil is known to cleanse and protect. It helps release worry and negative thinking, as well as supporting us when we are feeling overwhelmed by giving us the emotional strength and comfort we need to get through trying times.

  • Refreshing = Cleansing. It clears the mind of worry and negative thoughts.
  • Nourishing = Supportive and comforting when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Protective = Releasing negativity, protecting us from worry and stress.

How do you use subtle aromatherapy?

Subtle aromatherapy should be just that – subtle. When you are working with the delicate energetic field of the body, opt for lower dilutions in your formulas. Less is definitely more here.

I would keep it at a 1% dilution. If you are creating a body lotion or oil you would use 5 drops per 1 ounce of your base lotion/oil. If you are diffusing it in the air, I would only use 1-2 drops max, depending on how big your diffuser is. If the size calls for 5-6 drops normally, keep it at 1 drop. If your diffuser is much larger, add 2 drops.

This is only a taste of how the energetic field works and how we can choose, and use, essential oils to balance it. I have so much more to share, and so much more to learn.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!

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The information provided here is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. Any information should not be taken as individual medical advice. Please consult a physician with questions regarding any medical condition.







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