DIY: Lemon & Lavender Manicure

ACS_0822As most of you know, I am obsessed with nail polish. But, there are times when it just doesn’t make sense for me to polish my nails. Right now is one of those times.

Between making lots of jewelry for an upcoming craft show and getting my garden ready for planting flowers, my nails have been chipping like crazy. So, as I say goodbye to my beloved nail polish for a little while, I thought it would be fun to share a step by step at-home manicure that I like to do to keep my natural nails looking nice and manicured, without using any actual nail polish.


What you need…

  • Small bowl with warm water
  • 2 lemon slices
  • Lavender essential oil (or dried lavender buds if you have them)
  • Nail file
  • Nail Buffer
  • Cuticle pusher (or orangewood stick)
  • Cuticle oil (I’ll share a recipe for one I make and use daily)


Lemon & Lavender Manicure

  1. File and shape your nails. I like to use this crystal nail file. It does less damage to your nails by smoothing the edges as you file. Oh, did I mention it lasts FOREVER? Seriously, I have had mine for at least 15 years. All you have to do is wash it off with soap and water and it’s as good as new.
  2. Add the 2 lemon slices and one drop of Lavender essential oil to your bowl of warm water and soak your fingertips for about 3-5 minutes. This will not only soften your cuticles, but the juice from the lemon slices and the Lavender oil will actually help clean your nails as well.
  3. After you are finished soaking your nails, push back your cuticles with your cuticle pusher. Fun fact… I worked at Sally Beauty Supply for 6 years, starting as a senior in high school. The cuticle pusher that I linked is the same one I have now, which I bought when I first started working there! (And that was a lonnnnnnnng time ago, HA!)
  4. After pushing back your cuticles massage some cuticle oil (see my recipe below) onto your nail beds and cuticles and buff with your buffer. These are my favorite buffers of all time. Your nails will look like glass when you’re finished. (If you feel like you need to, give your hands a quick rinse.) Apply more cuticle oil, massaging into your whole hand this time. And, you’re done!

Lauren’s Cuticle Oil

1/2 ounce Jojoba oil

1/2 ounce Avocado oil

3 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Geranium essential oil

Add all ingredients to a 1 ounce bottle with a dropper. Apply a few drops to hands and massage in, focusing on your cuticles.

I try to use this a few times during the day, but that doesn’t always happen. I do apply it every night before bed though.

It absorbs quickly and helps keep my cuticles from cracking and peeling – which happens often when I don’t use this. Bonus… it smells amazing!

Thanks for reading and happy manicuring 😀





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