Rainy Day Look



Looking towards brighter skies… Earrings, crescent & crow. Lip color, Mattelustre Lipstick in classic red, Pixie Beauty.


April is finally here. And with it comes green trees, beautiful flowers, and…. rain. Of course, we wouldn’t have all of the beautiful trees and flowers without it. But, it can really put a damper on your day. Not to mention, your style.

Today, I have put together a comfortable look that will keep you stylish AND dry all day long.

It all starts with the coat. I’m partial to trench coats, as raincoats make me feel like I’m 5 years old. This bright little number is just the thing to liven up a dreary day. Want something a little more classic? This one is perfect. It even has a detachable hood, which is the coat equivalent to pockets in a dress. Pure genius.

Next up – shoes. Some days you want fun rain boots, and some days you want a pair that blends into your outfit. If the latter is what you are after, I have just the thing. This pair will keep your feet dry without looking like you have rain boots on.

When you’re running in and out of the rain the last thing you need is to get icky puddle water splashed on your pants. Yuck! My solution to this? Wear black pants. This versatile style goes with anything.

Top the whole look off with a cozy sweater if it’s chilly, or this short-sleeved knit if it’s a bit warmer.

One more thing… If you don’t want to keep your rain boots on once you get to your destination, simply switch out with a pair of loafers. If I could only pick one outfit to wear forever, it would be an all black outfit with loafers. Top it with a trench coat, and it’s even better.

Stay dry out there friends!

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