5 Things I’m Loving This Month – Five Things Friday

March is coming to a close this weekend. Here’s a recap of some things I have been loving this month.ADK_0464

  1. Eat: I like to celebrate the first day of spring by making pasta primavera. Here’s my go to recipe (you’ll find it at the bottom of the linked page).
  2. Listen: When a band you love breaks up, it’s a very sad time. And when that band gets back together for a tour, it’s a very exciting time. This week I had the pleasure of getting to experience just that. It’s been 23 years too long since Jawbreaker played in Philly and they definitely did not disappoint! It made my inner 20 year old (and current 43 year old) self extremely happy.
  3. Read: There is so much pressure when it comes to Instagram. Whether you’re just starting out with a small audience or have an already established account, worrying about getting followers, keeping followers, and photos you should post rather than the ones you want to post can be totally overwhelming. This blog post from Pretty Little Fawn is perfection. Her honesty and willingness to try new things is what makes Courtney Halverson one of my all time favorite people to follow.
  4. Wear:
    The weather is getting a little (very little) warmer, so I’ve ditched my heavy winter coat and have been wearing this lighter coat. There are a few different colors to choose from and they’re on sale right now!

    Pink Coat Five Things Friday
    Coat, blouse by Old Navy. All jewelry by crescent & crow.
  5. See: I love classic movies, especially film noir. So I am really excited that Noir Alley, on TCM, started back up. It features a different film every Saturday at midnight. There are so many good ones, check the schedule here.

Happy Friday!Blog SIgnature - c & c

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