Spring Beauty Reset

After a long winter of cold outdoor temps and dry indoor heat; our hair, skin, and nails can really use a reset.
Today I’m sharing my top beauty picks to bring your hair, skin, and nails back to life.
  • My hair has definitely not been itself lately. It’s been dry, dull, and lifeless. About a month ago I switched to this shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in reconstructor. I have also been using this glorious treatment once a week. I am happy to report that my hair is back on track and actually shiny again. Woo hoo!
  • I can’t recommend investing in a good brush enough. This paddle brush has been a favorite of mine for years. It makes blow drying quick and easy and adds lots of shine. (I’m not much of a round brush user, but if you are their round brushes are great too.)
  • Speaking of blow drying, I love this styling lotion. It has a light hold and gives my hair a nice shine. Bonus points points for being alcohol free!
  • I have very picky skin. So, once I find something that works I stick with it. I have been using this face wash and moisturizing lotion for about three years now. I tried it out of a last resort, desperation type situation. At the time I was dealing with dull, dry skin with some redness. It’s nothing fancy but it works wonders for me. (And trust me, I have used skincare brands from drugstores, salons, and high end luxury brands.)
  • For my body, which is usually on the dry side no matter what the season is, I love this moisturizing cream. After I saw how great their facial products worked for me, I figured I would try the body cream. I’m so glad I did. And, it’s multipurpose. I also use it on my face at night, before bed, for extra moisture.
  • One of my biggest pet peeves is when my lips are so dry that you can see the chapped skin under my lipstick. When I find that starting to happen I wear these tinted lip balms. My go to shades are pink blossom, rose, and sweet violet.
Hands & Nails
  • Cold weather is the worst on my hands. Not only do they get dry and cracked, but my cuticles split and my nails start to peel. I have been switching up my regular polish with this nail polish to keep my nails strong. It works wonders. I love how quick it is to apply, two coats and your done. I do still use a topcoat even though you don’t need one. (I love shiny nails, what can I say?) This topcoat is awesome. It makes the polish super shiny and also extends the wear.
  • For my cuticles, I just use a mixture of avocado, jojoba, and rosehip seed oils. I mix one ounce each of the jojoba and avocado oil and a half ounce of the rosehip seed oil, into a small bottle. The blend is super moisturizing with the added bonus of being anti-aging, thanks to the rosehip seed oil. I usually massage it into my cuticles and my hands right before I get into bed. This way it can work its magic through the night.
  • For a hand cream that smells as good as it works, I love this rose hand cream. It makes my hands feel smooth and soft. I know it’s pricey, but a little goes a long way. (When I run out of this, I use the moisturizing cream that I linked in the skin section.)
If you try any of the products in this post let me know how you like them, I would love to hear.
Happy Spring!

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