Winter Beauty Essentials

ACS_0595Every year, as January comes to an end, I start to feel like everything looks dull and drab. Even my skin. Blah.
Luckily, it only takes a few beauty products to get you looking bright and cheery in a matter of minutes.
Here are a few things I rely on to keep my face, and my mood, bright.

  1. It all starts with a smooth, bright complexion. The first thing I reach for when my skin looks dull is this clay mask. I recommend mixing it with apple cider vinegar, as the jar suggests, for extra skin softening. Followed up with your favorite moisturizer, it is the key to achieving a bright, glowy look. Use it once a week and you’ll never feel dull again. I promise!
  2. Speaking of a healthy glow… Highlighter is another quick way to brighten your complexion. These highlighters are perfect for winter! They are a cream, rather than a powder, which will provide extra moisture. I suggest getting the whole set. They come in three shades that give you endless possibilities. You can use them not only to highlight, but to contour with, as a quick blush, an eyeshadow… Shall I keep going? The best part is, they come in a giant lip balm tube that makes them perfect to keep in your bag!
  3. Next up – eyes. After creating glowy skin, you want to bring that brightness to your eyes. All you need is an eyelash curler and good mascara to make your eyes look wide awake and bright. You can also use one of the above highlighters for a little extra shimmer 😉
  4. The final key to achieving a fresh look is with a bright lipstick. The bolder the better! I love these lip pencils. They are actually more like a crayon, with a soft creamy texture. Rose, Pop, and Love are my three go to shades. They are super bright and long wearing.

Once your face is bright and glowy, don’t forget to draw extra attention to it with a great pair of earrings. I suggest a pair on the longer side, like our texture link earrings, to frame your face with even more sparkle.

There you have it. My tips and tricks for staying bright and glowy all winter long.
Do you have any face brightening tips and tricks you swear by? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear!Blog SIgnature - c & c

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