Closet Refresh – Winter To Spring

ACS_0652I love the change of seasons. Especially winter to spring. For me, it’s an exciting time where everything feels fresh and new.
One of my favorite things to do this time of year is refresh my closet. I like to go through and see what I have, what I can reuse, and what I need to fill in the gaps. My goal is to buy the least amount of new pieces as possible while still getting a maximum amount of wear out of them.
I also like to keep in mind what I already have, so I can mix and match new and old. In doing this, I find that you don’t get as bored with your closet which prevents unnecessary spending after a few weeks of wearing everything.
Today I want to share how to create multiple looks using just six new pieces, and then go one step further to create even more with what you already own.
  1. Let’s start with one basic that I feel everyone should own, a classic trench coat. Spring weather is very unpredictable in New Jersey and unfortunately a coat is usually a must in the beginning of spring. I love trench coats because they never look too heavy, work for multiple seasons, and can be worn with just about anything. I find that a longer length is more versatile and always in style. It isn’t really necessary for any outfit but, if you need to keep warm, it helps to have a coat that keeps your style rather than covering it up.
  2. I will always swear by a simple black dress. This one is perfect. It can be casual or dressy depending on your accessories. I also love that the pleated hem keeps it from looking too basic.
  3. A lightweight denim trouser is a must have for me. Wear it with this blouse and you have a look that is perfect as a casual work outfit or a comfortable weekend outfit that still looks polished. Again, it’s all in the accessories you choose that determines the overall feel of the look. Speaking of accessories, pair our hematite necklace and bracelet with this outfit to add a little sparkle. I love the metallic grey beads against the pale yellow top.
  4. Spring is the start of skirt season for me. This skirt and shirt combo is another example of an extremely versatile outfit. From work to weekend, it’s all in how you style it.
Now, here’s the best part… Turning three outfits into more!
  • Mix and match the skirt, pant, and shirts from looks 3 and 4 – there’s two more outfits.
  • Wear the pants from look 3 and the skirt from look 4 with a basic white tee or tank you already own and there are two more looks. Or, four more if you swap the tee and tank between the pant and skirt.
  • Wear either top with your staple pair of jeans – two more outfits.
  • For chillier days throw a sweater over the dress, add tights and boots and you suddenly have a new skirt – and one more outfit.
I can go on and on…
If you have any tips you would like to share, leave a comment below. I would love to hear! And, if you know of anyone that could benefit from this post, please share away!

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